Location, Location, Location... Is Your Business in The Right Spot

Posted by Ridge T Agency Staff

May 15, 2014 3:00:00 PM

The saying "Location, location, location" is commonly heard when thinking about starting a business. Having your business in just the right spot can send your business-growth through the roof! You might consider these four things regarding your location that can make a difference in attracting the right people:



1. Mass transit:  A growing number of people are leaving traffic behind and taking public transportation. This allows them to relax when traveling while also saving money on gas. Is your company close to public transportation? If not, people from the city might not want to travel to the suburbs and vice-versa. It’s also helpful to have easy access to major highways.

2. Attractions: Many people get a kick out of working in a crowded downtown district or another area in which there are other companies and plenty of action. This is particularly true with some industries, such as financial services and advertising. When potentilal customers come to a neighboirng business they will notice your location.

3. Facility:  Another big issue with location is the quality of the physical space you’re working in. Is your building outdated and crumbling? Dirty or ill-maintained? A recent survey indicated that a company’s restroom conditon was an idicator of the company's values.

Not everyone can afford a fancy office space, but you can make sure the maintenance staff is diligent in keeping it clean and compliant with various building codes.

4. Parking:  There are few things worse than fighting for a parking space. Being able to quickly park and make a short walk into the business is always an visible attraction to customers. 

Last but not least a business with good insurance assures its customers that throughout their time with you, they will always be satisfied. No matter the situation! Contact us for more information on business insurance in Stephenville and business insurance in Granbury! 


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