What is Snapshot?

Posted by Kelsey Johnson

Oct 19, 2017 11:00:43 AM

We've all seen the Progressive commercials with Flo and the Snapshot device that plugs in to your car. But what is that device and what can it do for your auto insurance?

Simply said, it's a device that communicates with your vehicles computer to tell Progressive how you're driving. Wait a minute, that sounds weird. Is Progressive going to know where I am and how fast I'm going? Well, here's the factors that Progressive measures, for rating purposes only.

Hard braking and rapid accelerations - Limit slamming on your brakes and ease on to the gas pedal and you'll have no issue with this one.

Night-time driving - Specifically late nights/early mornings on weekends. Progressive will look at what times you are driving and how frequently.

Mileage - How far you drive on a daily basis is already a rating factor, Snapshot makes it a more accurate factor.

Progressive has offered Snapshot for a few years now and other companies, such as Safeco, are starting to offer the option as a discount as well. Here's what Progressive has to say about Snaphot:

"Snapshot is a program that personalizes your rate based on your ACTUAL driving. It's technically called usage-based insurance. That means you pay based on how and how much you drive instead of just traditional factors. It's simple. Drive safe and save. Drive extra safe and save even more. There are still other pricing factors, and your rate may increase with high-risk driving. But you're in control of what you pay for car insurance, and most drivers earn a discount. "

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